Registration - General Information

This page contains general information about registration with the YRNA. To provide nursing services to patients in the Yukon Territory or hold oneself out as an RN or NP, a person must be registered with the YRNA, hold a current practice license from the YRNA and remain in good standing with the YRNA.

The drop-down boxes below provide background information on registration requirements for most applicants.

Applicants Licensed in Good Standing Elsewhere In Canada

The Yukon Registered Nurses Association can only register new applicants based on endorsement from another Canadian Provincial or Territorial nursing regulator. Initial YRNA registration is based, in part, on confirmation that an applicant is entitled to practise as a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner in another Canadian jurisdiction.

Applicants who are not yet eligible for registration with another Canadian Provincial or Territorial nursing regulator must complete their registration with that regulator BEFORE applying for registration with YRNA.

If you are already registered and licensed in another Canadian Province or Territory as a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner, you are up-to-date on your continuing competence and practice hours, and there are no impediments on your license preventing or restricting your ability to practice, you will be able to apply for registration by endorsement with the YRNA. Click on the link to the Registration and Renewal page.

Internationally Educated Applicants

The YRNA registers Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners via endorsement from other Canadian nursing regulatory bodies. Since we currently do not have a school of nursing in the Territory, we rely on our national counterparts to assist internationally educated nurses.

This means that all internationally educated nurses must first become eligible for registration in another part of Canada before applying for registration in the Yukon.

For more information on becoming a RN or NP in Canada if you received your nursing education in another country, please visit the National Nursing Assessment Service to begin your initial application for registration/licensure at

Newly Graduated Canadian Applicants


As stipulated in the Yukon Registered Nurses Profession Act, YRNA is only able to offer registration based on endorsement from another Canadian Jurisdiction where an applicant has successfully obtained registration. To register in the Yukon, New Graduates are required to provide evidence that they are eligible to complete registration in their Province/Territory of graduation, pending a passing grade on the NCLEX.


It is possible to obtain a Temporary Permit to practise as an RN or NP in the Yukon while awaiting the writing, and results of the NCLEX (for recent RN graduates) or CNPE (for recent NP graduates). For instructions, please click here.


You will need to complete the registration process or demonstrate that you are eligible for full RN or NP registration in the jurisdiction where you completed your education before your Yukon Temporary Permit can be upgraded to Practicing status. For more information, please contact the YRNA office by phone (867-667-4062) or e-mail


The Yukon offers many mentorship opportunities for nurses and nurse practitioners. Living and nursing in the Yukon can offer great opportunities to build on skills and training offered in nursing education programs and develop a greater understanding of the possibilities of the RN or NP role. The territory usually has a variety of openings for various nursing positions. The best place to start your search is on the Yukon Government Website at:

For nursing positions with the Yukon Hospital Corporation, please visit

Many nursing positions are also posted at


The Department of Health and Social Services, Yukon Government offers a nursing bursary fund to individuals interested in nursing education. More information on this funding opportunity is at