The YRNA is established by the Registered Nurses Profession Act (the "Act"). The Act and the Regulations established under the Act set out the powers and duties of the YRNA. Unlike other businesses or organizations, the YRNA may only do those things authorized in the legislative scheme.

The Act sets out the duties and responsibilities of the YRNA to regulate Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses in the Yukon Territory and to promote safe and effective nursing practice on behalf of the public and patients they serve. The activities of the YRNA are overseen by a Board consisting of elected and appointed members drawn from the public and the profession. Information about current Board members can be found here.

The day-to-day operations of the organization are carried out by the staff under the direction of the CEO. Information about YRNA staff can be found here.

As a regulator of the nursing profession, YRNA relies heavily on the energy and expertise of numerous registrants and members of the public who dedicate many hours of work on the various YRNA committees. Information about the committees, including how you can apply to be a committee member can be found here.


The duties of the Board are outlined in more detail in section 7 of the YRNA Bylaws.

The Board of Directors shall carry out the following tasks:

  • establish the goals, objectives, and policies of the Association;

  • approve the appropriation, investment, and disbursement of the funds of the Association, including the annual budget;

  • prepare and submit to each annual meeting of the Association a financial statement of the operations of the Association for the past year;

  • appoint the CEO of the Association;

  • appoint the Registrar

  • generally direct and conduct the business and affairs of the Association;

  • perform all duties as set out in the Act, Bylaws, and Regulations.

YRNA's Board Competency Matrix is used to determine eligible Board Members for election/appointment.


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