Amaris Poznikoff, RN

Amaris has been a nurse since 2009 and has practiced in BC, Alberta, before finally moving to the Yukon in 2017.

With practice spanning from outreach and harm reduction, medical psychiatry, to high acuity and now management, Amaris has had the pleasure of experiencing the diversified role a nurse can have in a single career. 

Understanding that nurses can have incredible impact, Amaris has moved her focus and passion to supporting the growth of nurses, their voice and their practice within the local, territorial, professional and ethical spheres of life. 

Vice Chair:

Brook Davis, RN

Brook received her nursing degree from the University of Toronto in 2002. Her primary goal was to work in Canada's north. She worked for a year in Northern Manitoba in a number of First Nations communities. After visiting the Yukon for a canoe trip on the South MacMillian River she found herself in the firm grasp of The Spell of the Yukon. 

In 2004 Brook and her husband bought an old trappers cabin and lived off-grid for the first few years while Brook worked at Whitehorse General Hospital and did some assignments with Community Nursing.

 More adventure called and in 2005 they moved to Old Crow where Brook worked as the Nurse In Charge of the Health Centre for 3 years.

For the last 16 years Brook has been the Nurse in Charge of the Carcross Health Centre while raising a family and running a local business with her husband. 

Professional Member:

Megan Lee, RN

Professional Member:

Jessica Mulli, RN


Public Member

Mary McNulty

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Francis Van Kessel

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Nursing Student Member:

Georgia Hall

Georgia moved to the Yukon in 2015 with her family. After high school graduation, Georgia started her first year of university in Dalhousie’s Integrated Science Program. After her second year, Georgia switched into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to pursue a career that combines science and the art of working with people. After graduation, Georgia is hoping to work towards nursing in the ER. In her free time, Georgia enjoys cycling and CrossFit!