Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee, established in the Act, oversees investigation and wherever possible, consensual resolution of complaints. This committee also provides advice to the Board on improvements to the complaint resolution processes and procedures.

Membership of the Complaints Committee consists of both YRNA registrants and members of the public.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee, established in the Act, consists of YRNA registrants and members of the public appointed by the Board to act as a tribunal to hear and decide on complaint matters where consensual resolution was either not achieved, or was not appropriate in the circumstances.

When that happens, the Complaints Committee must refer the matter to the Discipline Committee for resolution which will normally entail a hearing - much like a formal court process. Hearings are usually open to the public.

This committee is independent from the Complaints Committee. Current Complaints Committee members cannot be appointed to the Discipline Committee. Former Complaints Committee members may cannot be appointed to a Discipline Committee panel deciding any matter that may have been investigated/resolved while that person was a member of the Complaints Committee.

Discipline Case - Appeal Committee

The Appeal Committee, established in the Act, empowers either the Board or one or more persons appointed by the Board to act as an Appeal Committee to hear appeals against the decisions of a Discipline Committee.

No members of a Complaint or Discipline committee may serve on the Appeal Committee.

Registration Appeal Committee

The Registration Appeal Committee, established in the Act, may hear appeals by registrants against decisions by the YRNA to refuse to register an applicant or issue a renewal license to a registrant.

Member to this committee are appointed by the Board as and when necessary.

Registration Advisory Committee

The Registration Advisory Committee, established by the Board, advises the Board on registration policies and procedures for Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nursed in the Yukon. YRNA staff may also call on the Registration Advisory Committee for ad-hoc advice on applications for registration or licensing that have complications not contemplated in policy and outside staff expertise.

The Registration Advisory Committee consists of three YRNA registrants appointed by the Board as well as the Registrar.

Nursing Practice Committee

The Nurse Practice Committee, established by the Board, acts on request of the Board and with YRNA staff to consider and make recommendations to the Board on policy matters related to nursing practice. This may include recommendations on legislation, bylaws and standards of practice related to RN and NP practice.

The Nursing Practice Committee is composed of seven registrants drawn from a variety of practice areas and contexts.

Nurse Practitioner Advisory Committee

The Nurse Practitioner Advisory Committee, established in the Act is a multi-disciplinary committee formed to provide recommendations to the Board regarding the scope of practice for Nurse Practitioners.

By regulation, the committee is comprised of:

  • one person licensed to practise as a nurse practitioner in the Yukon;

  • one other YRNA registrant;

  • one person licensed to practise medicine in the Yukon;

  • one person licensed to practise as a pharmacist in the Yukon; and

  • such other persons as the Board may determine.

Nurse Practitioner Committee

The Nurse Practitioner Committee, established by the Board, provides advice to the Board on matters similar to that of the Nursing Practice Committee but with a focus on Nurse Practitioner practise.

The Nurse Practitioner Committee is comprised of four Nurse Practitioners and the YRN Chief Executive Officer.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, established by the Board, provides advice and oversight to the CEO and the Board on financial management.

The Finance Committee is comprised of:

  • the YRNA President (a Board member);

  • the Treasurer (a Board member);

  • the Chief Executive Officer (the YRNA senior staff manager);

  • a registrant (NP or RN licensed and in good standing) and

  • a member of the public (preferably with an accounting designation).

Education Approval Committee

The Education Approval Committee, established by the Board, is empowered to:

  • develop standards of approval for nursing education programs;

  • recommend to the Board criteria and procedures for such programs;

  • receive and review reports on new programs or changes to existing programs; and

  • promote continuing education for nurses in the Yukon.

Members of the Education Approval Committee also act as the Education Fund Management Committee to oversee the approval and disbursement of funds for the Continuing Nurse Education Fund.

YRNA gratefully acknowledges and thanks the Yukon Government - Health and Social Services department for their generous assistance in funding this initiative.

The Education Approval Committee consists of at least three registrants.