Continuing Nurse Education Fund

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CNEF funding is provided by Yukon Health & Social services through an annual Transfer Payment Agreement with the YRNA. These funds are administered by YRNA's Education Fund Management Committee ( "the committee").

The purpose of these funds is to provide support to eligible Yukon RN/NPs who are pursuing continuing education in order to maintain or enhance their knowledge, skills, and competency with due regard to meeting the health care needs of the Yukon in the most efficient and effective manner. Funding priorities will reflect the YRNA vision of nursing practice as broad, holistic, and encompassing all nursing domains: direct care, administration, research, education, and policy.

Continuing education includes, but is not limited to:

  • Long-term programs including post-RN baccalaureate, Grade programs, and specialty education programs.

  • Short-term, one-time events including conferences, workshops, and certification programs.

  • Provision of a speaker or instructor for the delivery of education to a group of RN/NPs


Applications for less than $200 total expenditure will not be considered. When reviewing applications, the committee will be mindful of the funds available as well as the following factors:

Registration & Residency

Applicants must be practising members of YRNA who are full-time residents with a minimum of 6 months of residency within the past 12 months

Previous Funding

Applicants will be limited to one application per funding intake, up to a maximum of four applications annually. Priority for funding will be as follows:

    1. Applicants who have received no previous funding.

    2. Applicants continuing to work through ongoing, long-term programs.

    3. Applicants who have received no one-time event funding in the previous 12 months.

    4. Applicants who have received one-time event funding in the previous 12 months.


Priority will be given to applicants who are employed by a Yukon employer on a full-time equivalent basis in the Yukon. Absent special circumstances to be adjudicated at the discretion of the CEO and/or the Registrar, applicants who work less than 975 hours per membership year are not eligible for funding.

Nursing Related

Priority will be given to courses/programs which are most closely related to nursing and deemed to improve practice and health care delivery in the Yukon.

Note: CNEF funding will not be used to fund courses considered mandatory by employers. It is expected that employers will take responsibility for such costs.


Priority will be given to applicants whose course/program is completed within the 3 months prior to, or the 6 months immediately following the current review deadline. Applicants with a start date more than 3 months from the funding intake will not be considered eligible and should reapply during the next funding intake. Applications for education that will take more than 12 months to complete should be submitted in smaller increments (i.e. by semester or course).

Program Location

Highest priority will be given to courses/programs offered in the Yukon. Second priority will be given to courses/programs offered elsewhere in Canada, either on-site or virtually. Applications for out-of-country programs must be accompanied by program information indicating lack of availability within Canada and will be given lowest priority.

Application Deadlines

Funding deadlines are quarterly as follows: May 31, August 31, November 30, February 28(29 on leap years)


  1. A funding cap applies to all applications for individual study. The program will reimburse 80% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $2,000.00.

  2. Applicants participating in long-term programs consisting of multiple components/courses/semesters must submit applications per component, course or semester in order to stay within the timeline criteria and to maximize the financial support available to them.

  3. Nursing related conferences are eligible for funding but are limited to one conference per year.

  4. Funding is also available for courses or learning opportunities offered to a group of registrants at the same time. For example, a nursing course put on by an instructor visiting the Yukon. In such cases, funding may be available for up to 100% of the cost of the course. Applications for this type of funding will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Group courses offered to RNs, NPs, and others may be assessed based on the relative percentage of participants from each profession.

  5. Examples of Eligible expenses:

    • Registration fees/tuition

    • Books/course materials

    • Transportation directly related to program (car travel will be reimbursed based on fuel receipts)

    • Accommodation directly related to program

  6. Examples of Ineligible Expenses:

  • Meals/Food Costs

  • Wage Replacement

  • Computer Hardware

  • RN/Association Registration, Grad Fees

  • Child/Pet Care


  1. CNEF Individual Application

  2. CNEF Group Application

  3. CNEF Expense Reporting Form